KwêBeams is a standalone wireless outdoor early warning system. It operates completely independent of any existing security system. It has been designed to complement the current security systems in place, such as indoor alarm systems, perimeter protection (electric fencing, burglar bars) or surveillance protection.

The Kwêbeam outdoor alarm system is fully functional with only one beam & one keypad. It is possible to add additional beams, keypads, SMS Control units, repeaters and Interface modules.

Kwebeams is wireless, working with normal AA batteries.

The system is pet friendly- different settings is available to eliminate the problem of animals setting of the beams.

The system can be activated over a distance.

Wireless communication via sms is possible.

The alarms on the beams can be set to a loud or quite option.

Beam R1750
Keypad R1300

GSM R2500

Datcom can supply new and second hand PCs and laptops.

We can assist with any IT problem and supply programmes and anti-virus options.

4 Channel (R5699 excl. installation) 1x DVR 2x Dome cameras 2x Bullet cameras 1x 1TB harddrvie 1x 100m Cable 1x Powersupply 8x BNC 4x DC Plugs 4x Extension boxes. Products may differ from pictures given.
8 Channel (R9399 excl. installation) 1x DVR 4x Dome cameras 4x Bullet cameras 1x 1TB harddrvie 2x 100m Cable 1x Powersupply 16x BNC 8x DC Plugs 8x Extension boxes. Products may differ from pictures given.
16 Channel (R16999 excl. installation) 1x DVR 8x Dome cameras 8x Bullet cameras 1x 2TB harddrvie 4x 100m Cable 1x Powersupply 32x BNC 16x DC Plugs 16x Extension boxes.Products may differ from pictures given.

Datcom Technologies is a one stop business. We can supply for your entertainment needs, for example DSTV and internet services. IT needs, we assist with a new PC or Laptop including programmes and anti-virus options. Point of sales for business is part of our solutions. Cameras systems, including network cabling and splicing. We specialize in several security products like Skunk Pepper spray and Kwebeams. We do solar installations and we KNOW what we are doing!

We are extremely proud to say that we specialize in farm safety.

We have been providing services and products since 2008 and strive to have happy customers!

Datcom Technologies pride themselves in building relationships with their customer and for this reason we have had loyal customers for years.

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